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Saturday, 21 July 2012


One day God calls down to Noah and says "Noah, I want you make me a new

Noah replies, "No probs, anything you want".

But God interrupts, "ah but there's a catch this time Noah, I want not just
a couple of decks, ..... I want 20 decks one on top of the other".

"20 decks!......" screams Noah, "...well, whatever you say, should I fill it
up with all the animals just like last time?"

"..... yep, that's right, well ..... sort of right.......this time I want
you to fill it up with water and fish" God answers.

"Fish?" queries Noah.

"Yep, fish ... well, to make it more specific Noah, I want carp, wall to
wall, floor to ceiling - carp!" says God.

Noah looks to the skies, "OK, let me get this right, you want a new Ark, 20
stories high, filled with water and fish..........carp?"......."Why?"

"Dunno" says God. "I just fancied a multi-storey carp Ark".

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